5 Cultural Activities in Sarasota That You Can Enjoy

Live performances in Sarasota are very common. There are great art collections and wonderful architecture. There are white beaches. The city of Sarasota supports art. There are different cultural activities that you can experience in Sarasota.

1. Art outside

You will find a blend of classicism and modernist representation. You will find sculptures throughout the city. You will see art everywhere in the streets of Sarasota. In the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you will find a display of orchids and other plants and flowers.

2. Performing Arts

The Sarasota Opera is very famous among the residents of Sarasota. You will see different world-class performances. The approaches of these performances are classical. There are many theaters in the city.

3. The Ringling

John Ringling and his wife are said to build the Sarasota that we see today. There is the Ringling museum and offers cultural diversity. Here you will come across the new Circus Museum, the old Circus Museum, etc. There are Asian art center and contemporary art center as well.

4. Architecture

The Sarasota School of Architecture is very popular. Many renowned architects have graduated from this place. It is known as the home of modernist architecture.

5. Food

Food is also an art, and the people of Sarasota know it. You will find European style foods everywhere in Sarasota. Even the atmosphere in which the food is served is European. Fresh cocktails are served produced from local ingredients in most of the restaurants in Sarasota.

All these make Sarasota a cultural heaven. If you want to explore all these, you should visit Sarasota today and suggest your friends visit the place as well.

Top 5 Beaches in Sarasota That You Must Visit

Sarasota is very popular for its beaches. In fact, some of the world renowned beaches are located here. Below are the top 5 beaches in Sarasota.

1. Coquina Beach

It is located on the southern end of Anna Maria Island. It has crushed-shell sand. You will find hundreds of Australian pines lining upt the beach. These pines provide shade for the parking lot and picnic area.

2. Lido Beach

The beach has miles of crushed shell sand. It is located along the Gulf of Mexico in Lido Key. If you are seeking solitude, you can go north towards the New Pass. It is considered to be a gay-friendly beach.

3. Siesta Public Beach

This beach is accessible from South Tamiami Trail n Sarasota. The beach is on Siesta Key and offers a lot of things. The sand is soft and white. There are restrooms, souvenir shops, snack shop, beach gear store, etc.

4. Manatee Public Beach

Ther beach is full of white sand. There is a fishing pier, and you will hear live music most of the time. There are many amenities like a concession stand, children’s playground, outdoor shower, volleyball courts, etc. You can easily come to the beach using public transportation.

5. Venice Beach

There is a coral reef that is located just offshore of this beach. It is a perfect place for scuba diving. You can discover shark’s teeth on the shore. There are lots of shops and restaurants nearby this beach.

All these beaches are very famous, not only in the US but worldwide as well. Each of these beaches has something unique to offer. You should visit these beaches when you come to Sarasota.

5 Reasons Why People Choose Sarasota to Live After Retirement

Sarasota has become popular with retirees. The city is located on the west coast and has a population of more than 53,000 people. The culture is diverse, and there are lots of activities to do in this city. These are the top reasons why people retire in Sarasota.

Various cultural offerings

Sarasota has many things other than the beach. There are various cultural offerings including an opera, different art galleries, aquarium and historical landmarks. John Ringling of the Ringling Bros lived in this city, and he gave the city its own permanent circus. There are many restaurants and shopping places as well.

Mild weather

The winter temperatures in Sarasota never fall below 60 degrees. You will get many sunny days throughout the year. The summer temperatures are also not very high unlike the other cities of Florida. The humidity in this city is low as well.

Low living expense

There is no state income tax in Sarasota. The property taxes and energy costs are also very low. So, Sarasota is an affordable place to live in. The living cost is lower than the average of the rest of the country.

Famous beaches

Siesta Key beach is known to be one of the best beaches in the U.S which lies in Sarasota. The beach is known for the sand quality. There are the Turtle and Venice Beaches as well.

Great housing options

There are many good housing options in Sarasota. You can live I waterfront houses and enjoy the wildlife and landscape. You will have various options for activities in the neighborhood.

All these features make Sarasota a great place to retire. You will have less expense and more things to do and spend some quality time with your friends and families.