Live performances in Sarasota are very common. There are great art collections and wonderful architecture. There are white beaches. The city of Sarasota supports art. There are different cultural activities that you can experience in Sarasota.

1. Art outside

You will find a blend of classicism and modernist representation. You will find sculptures throughout the city. You will see art everywhere in the streets of Sarasota. In the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you will find a display of orchids and other plants and flowers.

2. Performing Arts

The Sarasota Opera is very famous among the residents of Sarasota. You will see different world-class performances. The approaches of these performances are classical. There are many theaters in the city.

3. The Ringling

John Ringling and his wife are said to build the Sarasota that we see today. There is the Ringling museum and offers cultural diversity. Here you will come across the new Circus Museum, the old Circus Museum, etc. There are Asian art center and contemporary art center as well.

4. Architecture

The Sarasota School of Architecture is very popular. Many renowned architects have graduated from this place. It is known as the home of modernist architecture.

5. Food

Food is also an art, and the people of Sarasota know it. You will find European style foods everywhere in Sarasota. Even the atmosphere in which the food is served is European. Fresh cocktails are served produced from local ingredients in most of the restaurants in Sarasota.

All these make Sarasota a cultural heaven. If you want to explore all these, you should visit Sarasota today and suggest your friends visit the place as well.